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Ahead of the Curve: Insights for the International NGO of the Future

December 1, 2013

International NGOs have a unique and important role to play in addressing today's complex global challenges. But few of them are living up to their full potential. With support from the Hewlett Foundation, FSG researched how the most innovative INGOs are adapting to the disruptions in the global development sector and embracing four approaches to create greater impact.

Maximizing Impact: An Integrated Strategy for Grantmaking and Mission Investing in Climate Change

May 15, 2010

With funding from The Surdna Foundation, FSG has developed this report to help foundations identify how various mission investing instruments and opportunities can help them create greater impact. Guided by an expert Advisory Board and based on interviews with more than 50 practitioners from the field, the report provides a framework for foundations to think about how mission investments can create the greatest impact when combined with grants in an integrated program portfolio, with a specific focus on climate change.

Anti-Corruption as Strategic CSR: A Call to Action for Corporations

June 1, 2009

Corruption is not a peripheral social concern that corporations can ignore or passively address -- it is a bottom-line issue that directly affects companies' ability to compete. Widespread in emerging markets, corruption is becoming an increasingly important issue for business to address. Furthermore, it inflicts enduring harm on disadvantaged populations by diverting resources for critical services like education, clean water and health care into the pockets of dishonest public officials. This white paper presents a critical assessment of corporate anti-corruption efforts in the developing world and offers a guide for corporations to move beyond traditional ethics and compliance activities to strategic anti-corruption efforts. Sponsored by The Merck Company Foundation and developed in collaboration with the Ethics Resource Center, the paper reveals opportunities for corporations to engage in more comprehensive and effective anti-corruption reform as a business imperative.

Volunteering for Impact: Best Practices in International Corporate Volunteering

September 1, 2007

Although multinational corporations invest significant resources in international corporate volunteering (ICV), a disproportionate emphasis is often placed on the quantity of activity rather than potential impact. Multinational corporations are slowly moving from traditional measures, like counting volunteers and hours of service, to adopting more strategic measures built around increasing business or social impacts. Companies are evolving ICV programs to strategic partnerships that focus on high-value skills transfer, capacity building and scalability, and driving outcomes beyond conventional philanthropic tools. FSG Social Impact Advisors released Volunteering for Impact, a compilation of best practices in international corporate volunteering (ICV). Sponsored by Pfizer Inc and The Brookings Institution, the study examines ICV within two principal models: local service, in which employees based in countries outside headquarters volunteer in their local communities; and cross-border service, in which employees travel abroad to volunteer. After numerous interviews and the analysis of ICV programs at 14 multinational corporations, FSG detailed current programs and made recommendations to guide corporate philanthropy executives and ICV program managers as they build high impact volunteering programs.

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