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Welcome to NNCG's Knowledge Center -- a searchable, online database of resources for and about grantmaking, produced by highly qualified and experienced philanthropy consultants. NNCG's Knowledge Center contains a wealth of reports, case studies, infographics, issue briefs, videos and more that offer ideas, research and helpful information about almost every aspect of philanthropy. Each item was authored or published by an NNCG member. NNCG constructed the Knowledge Center in partnership with Candid -- one of the most respected and trusted sources of information in the philanthropic field.
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Raising Children with Philanthropic Values

December 10, 2012

Families with wealth may have more pronounced and complex reasons to promote philanthropy. Parents who themselves have been raised in a tradition of stewardship may want to extend this legacy into the next generation. Parents also may be concerned about the potential risks of wealth on their children's development, such as stunting their initiative, undermining their self-worth, or fostering a sense of entitlement, materialism, and isolation.This guide provides practical guidance, perspective and action steps for parents who are seeking to encourage charitable attitudes and behavior in their children.

What's a Donor to Do? The State of Donor Resources in America Today

September 1, 2000

It is an analysis of the state of donor resources in America at the end of the twentieth century. The report is based on information gathered from both primary and secondary resources, among donors and service providers. Throughout the report, donor resources are defined as a wide range of services and information that influence, engage, support and educate new donors, both directly and indirectly.

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