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Philanthropic Self-Reflection Tool for Equitable Parent Partnership

May 18, 2022

The journey towards authentic partnership and equitable collaboration with parents is an ongoing process and requires regular reflection, inquiry, and conversation to maximize your positive impact and avoid causing harm to parent leaders and the community. We are all doing our best, but consistent self-evaluation allows your organization to have the greatest impact. The Philanthropic Self-Reflection Tool for Equitable Parent Partnership provides a framework for these reflections and helps to process what your team learns. This tool is for funders and funder collaboratives who are committed to honestly reflecting and identifying themselves along a continuum of engagement and partnership with parents, determining which areas need improvement, identifying best practices and strategies they can begin to implement to advance along the continuum, facilitating necessary and important discussions internally to ensure that there is institutional support to implement these strategies, being in conversation with parents and other funders to receive coaching, mentorship, and technical assistance to center and partner with parents in an equitable, authentic, and meaningful way

Local Voices: On-the-Ground Perspectives on Driving Community Change in the Making Connections Sites

July 24, 2014

This report describes, from the perspective of local stakeholders, the experience of several sites involved in Making Connections-- the Foundation's signature community change initiative of the 2000s -- in developing and enhancing the core capacities essential for articulating and pursuing a local community change agenda. The report describes the conditions in the communities when Making Connections began; the core capacities built during the decade-long initiative; the factors that contributed to capacity building; the evidence of improved outcomes for children, families and neighborhoods resulting from the enhanced change capacities; the continuing challenges of sustaining those capacities; and key takeaways from the experience.

The Web is Wider: Civic Engagement Innovation Fund Stand Up For Our Children

November 1, 2013

Stand Up for Our Children (Stand Up) is a grant initiative of the Greater New Orleans Foundation (GNOF), made possible through funding by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation Civic Engagement Innovation Fund (Kellogg), to support the work of organizations in New Orleans focused on engaging parents of children between the ages of zero and five. This initiative is based on a belief (shared by both GNOF and Kellogg) that solutions to community issues and problems emanate from local citizens working individually and collectively toward the common good and that people have the inherent capacity to solve their own problems.In turn, Stand Up empowers parents/families in the community to improve the conditions facing the region's most vulnerable children. This initiative funds nonprofit organizations committed to inclusion, innovation, and impact in solving systemic early childhood problems through engagement by parents/families and others in the community through dialogue, issue identification, leadership development, collaboration, data driven planning and community mobilization.The expected outcome of this initiative is two-fold:More engaged parents advocating for vulnerable children 0-5 years old, andStrengthened nonprofits through organizational capacity buildingThe original objective of the Year One evaluation of the Stand Up for Our Children initiative was to assess:to what extent participation in the Stand Up initiative yielded an increase in the capacity of parents to be leaders, andwhether there was an increase in the funded organization's capacity to engage parents.

Raising Children with Philanthropic Values

December 10, 2012

Families with wealth may have more pronounced and complex reasons to promote philanthropy. Parents who themselves have been raised in a tradition of stewardship may want to extend this legacy into the next generation. Parents also may be concerned about the potential risks of wealth on their children's development, such as stunting their initiative, undermining their self-worth, or fostering a sense of entitlement, materialism, and isolation.This guide provides practical guidance, perspective and action steps for parents who are seeking to encourage charitable attitudes and behavior in their children.

Troops and Family Care Fund Feasibility Study

October 30, 2008

Estimates the numbers, needs, and resources of military personnel deployed in or returning from Iraq and/or Afghanistan and their families in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. Considers whether sufficient philanthropic funds can be raised.

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