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Using an Abundance Mentality to Streamline Foundation Processes

December 15, 2015

Almost every foundation staff member or grantee would agree that funders need to streamline their grantmaking application and reporting processes. Many of the opportunities for streamlining have little to do with the grantees' role and everything to do with the foundation's own internal processes for creating, disseminating, supporting, reviewing, awarding and servicing grants.

Project Streamline: Practices That Matter

May 17, 2013

Project Streamline has a simple premise: that the cumulative impact of grantmakers' distinct and often laborious application and reporting requirements undermines nonprofit effectiveness, causing grantseekers to devote too much time to seeking funding (often without payoff) and reporting on grants (often without benefit) to the detriment of their mission-based work. The streamlining effort has a correspondingly straightforward goal: to help grantmakers understand and reduce the burden of application and reporting on their nonprofit partners, while still getting the information they need to make good grantmaking decisions. Five years after the research that resulted in Project Streamline's initial report, "Drowning in Paperwork, Distracted from Purpose," and subsequent tools, assessments, and workshops, the leaders and partners of the initiative decided to take stock of progress. They wanted to find out whether the core principles and concrete practices essential to streamlined application and reporting had gained traction in the field of philanthropy. They needed to know more about which application and reporting practices made the biggest difference to nonprofit organizations and grantmakers. And they wanted to chart a path forward with recommendations for where Project Streamline should focus its energies going forward

Drowning in Paperwork, Distracted from Purpose: Challenges and Opportunities in Grant Application and Reporting

April 1, 2008

Are nonprofits drowning in paperwork and distracted from purpose as a result of grantmakers' application and reporting requirements? Do the same practices that grantmakers use to increase effectiveness end up over-burdening both grantmakers and grantseekers—and diminishing their effectiveness? This research report commissioned by Project Streamline addresses these questions by examining current application and reporting practices and their impact on grantmakers and grantseekers alike. In short, we found that the current system creates significant burdens on the time, energy and ultimate effectiveness of nonprofit practitioners.

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