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On Philanthropy: What's Changed in the Past Decade and What it Means for the Sector

Dec 31, 2017

Ten years ago we were seeing the start of the globalfinancial crisis and impending recession to come,prompting a downshift in resources available forgrantseekers and grantmakers alike. The firstsmartphone was introduced, changing the waypeople communicate, search for information, andeventually how they would give back – enabling onthe-golearning, responding, and giving.

Since then, technology has expanded beyondimagination, impacting everything from operationsand administration of charitable organizations, totheir efforts to both raise funds on the one handand make grants on the other. Natural disasters, aswell as social, political, and economic issues overthe past decade, have changed the waycommunities organize and donors respond toneeds, shedding light on new ways to give and insome cases shifting support in major ways.

Overall, we've seen a call for greater transparency andaccountability in the sector.