Philanthropy's New Passing Gear: Mission-Related Investing: A Policy and Implementation Guide for Foundation Trustees

  • Description

The goal of this guide is to provide foundation trustees and, where or when appropriate, staff with a process to create both an overall policy for MRI as well as specific paths for implementation. Our mission-related investing roadmap outlines how to:

  • Ground a strategy within the values and mission of your foundation;
  • Understand the various catalysts for MRI within a foundation;
  • Structure a policy discussion in the boardroom;
  • Integrate MRI into existing program and investment processes;
  • Link your investment asset allocation with your program goals;
  • Determine the appropriate MRI investment tools and strategies for the foundation;
  • Select appropriate financial, program and investment consultants;
  • Organize the board, and staff and investment consultants to find, evaluate, approve and execute MRI investment vehicles;
  • Monitor investment performance of an MRI portfolio; and ultimately
  • Integrate social returns into the ongoing investment and program decisions of the foundation.

We have also included 12 case studies which reflect the diversity of experiences of foundations active in MRI.