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Social Compact In A Changing World: How Philanthropies are Grappling with Growing Scrutiny and Critique

by Melissa A. Berman; Olga Tarasov; Renee Karibi-Whyte; Sarah Murray

Sep 11, 2019

This paper is an expansion of a concept introduced in The Philanthropy Framework, a publication of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors Theory of the Foundation initiative, which seeks to enhance the capacity of philanthropies to effectively align their resources for the impact they envision. The Philanthropy Framework is a tool for analyzing how a philanthropy makes decisions, interacts with others and the broader society, and utilizes its capabilities and resources. The Framework is comprised of three elements:

  • Charter, the organization's scope, form of governance and decision-making protocol.
  • Social compact, its implicit or explicit agreement with society about the value it will create.
  • Operating model, the approach to the resources, structures and systems needed to implement strategy.